Day 331: No, again, and again, and again, an aspect of Diligence



Day 331: No, again, and again, and again, an aspect of Diligence


In the situation of learning, as in gradually reconditioning my mind and reconditioning my relationship to my body, so as to understand more and more through words how Toleration has been a key word in my acceptances and allowances of the patterns of the mind, and how through self forgiveness of, as in taking responsibility for these tolerations, I have in fact being substantiating my being within saying No, and sounding no within myself and resounding it throughout me over and over like a general directive of how I stand in relation to a pattern of my mind, this I have found to be effective.


And saying it audibly for my ears to hear and for me to feel the physical sensations of the resonance throughout my body, I have found it to be a useful tool for tuning the tonality of my voice to be a more effective permeation of the resonance within my body. A stream of no’s tweaked real time thus I have found to be a grounding, and within that I have found a space in which to step back a little from some upcoming directive of the mind, such as in the re-emergence of a pattern that is seeking for a foothold.


With this No as my prerogative, and only mine, then in the event of that recorded No that comes up in my mind, I am seeing how it obviously does not directly come from me in standing here but is a no that is a programmed no, that is really implicitly a yes towards the mind. That yes towards the mind is very often in me not a stated yes but more implicit, it is like a representation of a giving up and giving in, like as in I accept this and so allow this to be so, or to be what is happening with me, it is like that slightly hidden point when I give, and underplay my permission for it, go along with it, such as with an addiction, it’s an ok, Just this Once, rather than experience the vacuum of a no that I have not yet learned to handle, that might lead me into something different, and something new for me.








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