Day 471: The Golden Thread, Lost, and Meaninglessness

Photo: A miniature dove often sits in the same spot in this tree in the garden of our new home in Chiriquia, Panama. 

Day 471: The Golden Thread, Lost, and Meaninglessness

I forgive myself, as my Being, as my Innocence, that I have accepted and allowed to persist within me constant obstacles to my expression; that I have accepted and allowed myself to pay compulsive tribute to the resistances that arise within Me; that I have accepted and allowed myself to pay compulsive credence to the doubts in Me and of Me; that I have through all of this accepted and allowed myself to limit the Self Forgiveness that I am willing to give to Me.

Within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become defined by the boundaries of my Self Forgiveness; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear what I may become if I let go of what I have within myself asserted and allowed myself to be defined to be. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to also not respect the doubts that come up in me that are questioning the confidence that I have placed within and as the personalities that I live as Me.


… a continuation of Day 470, The Golden Thread

I suppose it happens sometimes that we decide to and commit ourselves to living certain words without a full awareness of what we’re doing; and even though it turns out later on that the word has shaped our lives, yet still we have not seen the word that is at the core of it – here is an instance of that, which I’ve opened up for me, through looking at who I am within that ‘golden thread’ experience, and here within these grounds may be discoveries for others too… of different words, of different purposes…

Since the previous writing I’ve been looking at those moments of my life in which I recognized a ‘golden-thread’ experience; that experience that seemed as if a vibrant thread of meaning had re-emerged from out of the fabric of my life, as in ‘here again I see that I am here with me, that no matter the extent of convolution, the seeming randomness, here again is a point of certainty, this evidence that right now – is undeniable – that I am not in fact lost, that my judgements of the path I’ve walked – as being meaningless – have been deceptive.’

In looking at The Golden Thread and opening it up, exploring what it meant to me, a question came up of – almost like looking around from that – what would be the nature of a world in which that golden thread existed, was suspended, was partly there and partly not, sometimes there and sometimes not – and if it were literally like a piece of thread or string then what would that string be suspended in, what sort of an environment would such a thing exist in? Answering this question to myself as me it was clear immediately that this ‘environment’ of me was one of uncertainty, of lostness, and of meaning-lessness.

Here for me was like a Vital point within the Golden Thread, the word Lost – and I realized that even through and in my victimized interpretations of the word, that once were feeding on the word Abandoned – was that vital point of standing on my own legs and moving me. So here I am again – in the context of The Golden Thread – looking into Lost, and seeing to what extent the word once held such attraction to me. I see now how much that attraction was coming from an awareness in me that I must redefine this word for me.

Way back, in this life at least, way way back, soon as I had walked away from school and family, and, literally, lol, taken to the hills – a living expression – it was a priority to me to seek a Lost experience – I was convinced that if I could stabilize myself in that Lost experience, I had a chance to find myself; that if I could shake off that world of knowledge that seemed so oppressive, then I had a chance of seeing direct/ for real/clearly.

At the time, I did not have the words – I did not realise that I was redefining words, I had no conscious understanding of how I lived out words – but looking back, this was like the gist of it. What I was doing in physical action – in taking to the hills – in getting Lost – was – how I see it now – was taking that experience that I was living out – defined as Lost – and then in my own way, making a study of it, attempting to create it, model it, reproduce it as an object or an image. This was how unknowingly I worked with this experience/word, taking it from something that defined me and oppressed me, to something that I owned. In this way Meaninglessness opened up for me and became for me instead of a limitation, an ever-opening resource; it was the opening for me of some years of explorations in the form of abstract paintings.

Something that I found as well, only recently – during the process of travelling – and moving home – looking more closely into the golden thread, and the experience of lostness, was how for me the word Significance had been for me misleading – it tends to lead me ‘out there’ in a way, looking for ‘signs’, when the impact for example of a ‘chance’ meeting, when you have that feeling for example ‘I was simply ‘meant’ to be here, in this strange café in this random country/ on this train/ meeting this particular being… in which it seems clear that there exists this wider reality in which our lives are taking place… a wider reality that gets exposed in the very act of travelling, having stepped out for a moment from our personal systems, routines… where ‘fathoming it out’ – all the whys and wherefores of it all – is kind of a distraction – and placing this word Significant to it – for me – obscures a simple point – because simply in the presence of that meeting I was as the experience of myself as standing in the center of my meaning; it was simply that this meeting was necessary on a level way beyond my understanding – that what took place within it – happened – there was no need to place the word Significant upon it, and so the following activities, the search for signs, when right there in the heart of that moment there was for me to experience myself as being alive, aligned within myself to Meaning, as in this is happening for me for both of us, this intensity, in the very core of this experience, no need to wander in conjecture of how this works and why.




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