Day 470: The Golden Thread


In the process of writing, something that often happens – after posting – is that much more information comes up – such as another angle that I had not seen before or at the time of writing; in a way, posting a blog is like making an assertion – and then having made that assertion – it is as if I have somehow cleared myself a space for a continuation, or for a different view to open up.

Along with this, in the process that I’ve been sharing recently, I realise now, in browsing through the Eqafe Recordings a process of Redefining and Living Honour: in the Metaphysical Secrets of Imagination, 19, 20, 21 – and I realise that although I listened to these recordings quite some time ago – and had on a conscious level forgotten all about them, I find here that I have been walking it for myself, slightly differently of course, but with some similar discoveries. Looking at this I see it as an example of how the information shared through the recordings can slowly integrate and then some time later re-emerge.

Yes this is a road less travelled, and yet it has been travelled, and it has been, is being shared; there are those who have gone before us in this process, and through their sharings have opened up a way, have made it easier. So in realizing this I feel grateful – in realizing that that Golden Thread is not just spun from out of nowhere, but from the sharings and the twinings of so many different and unique strands of beings who share the single purpose of aligning With and As the Life that we are coming now to recognize ourselves to be – and also that that Golden Thread is an experience within me where for some precious moments I am aware that I am with me, have come back to me, am in some way meeting me, showing me – that though there have been parts of me bewildered and distracted, there is also part of me that knows exactly what I’m doing.

On an emotional level there is first an experience of doubt and then of comfort, that I was so lost in lostness that I could not even see it, and then in realizing that none of that was real, I am comforted, and reassured. And on a deeper level, I see and realise that I must now take this golden thread experience and look more closely into it support myself within this endeavor of Redefining and then Living this word Me.

…so …continuing next post…



Links from my recent posts to the above mentioned Eqafe recordings:

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In this transition from one era to another, on a personal level, there is the transition from an old existence as in making the best of what I happen to be, of being a victim to the belief that I cannot change myself, and so am living in a way as a life that has been chosen for me; to a new existence acknowledging that in fact I and all of us do have this ability, and that with effort we can practice it and strengthen it.

In the DAWN OF A NEW AGE of awareness, how are we to walk the ability we have to change ourselves so that each of us can make this transition? If you have not heard this recording on – You Tube – by Veno – through the Portal, made back some eight years ago, then I recommend you do: it gives the context for the push by all of us in sharing Desteni, in our Journeys into Life, in our videos and blogs.



Support for All at Desteni

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