Day 464: Grounding the Principle

A new gate for the farm 

Quotes from The Crucifixion of Jesus, parts 134, and 135, Redefining the word Word:

“In the beginning was the Word and the word was God, and the word was with God.
In the beginning was the Word and the word was Life, and the word was with Life.
In the beginning was the Word and the word was Me and the word was with Me.”

“… the one missing dimension within all the history of existence, is the consideration of self and others, as self. Have you ever looked at yourself through the eyes of others, and just wondered what living vision am I expressing? If I look at placing myself in the shoes of others, what would I have wanted for me? It’s also in the statement: Do unto others as you would want to be done unto you. It’s the basic principle of Life we haven’t adopted and really allowed to become an integral part of a guideline for ourselves, our relationships, our everyday lives…”

Day 464: Grounding the Principle

In this post I want to share some personal directions that my investigations took in the context of listening to and hearing these recordings from the Eqafe series The Crucifixion of Jesus

Grounding the Principle: Here I open up the word Grounding, linked to Principle; I want to redefine these words so that in my starting-point, they integrate, I do not have to link them, draw them together, so that for me the Principle is as much a part of Ground as Ground is part of Principle, and both as One, as Me. So it’s a deliberate self-support in changing my starting-point, towards realigning Me with Life.

In opening up a redefining of the word Grounding, initially I am checking in the dictionary – the root word Ground – I find there are few or only minor changes to this word in recent centuries: the Ground, as in the surface of the land, and the word Earth at times standing as the substance of the ground itself, standing unambiguously, as a simple fact, that fertile stuff that has been grounded up and grinded into grains by worms and nature, from which the roots deliver plants, from which our trees erupt into the sky, and firm and stable underfoot, we rely upon the ground to stand and make our observations.

A word like this might not seem to be requiring further exploration, or even close examination, and yet the word itself, as the root of Grounding, raises questions, because our bodies also are the substance of the Earth, as well the substance of our beings is of the physical. For me, that picture of our feet upon the Earth has contributed to an implication that we are in substance separate from the ground: it is as if a tweak has slipped into my perception of reality and become established there, and when it comes to redefining Grounding, what I am finding here for me, is that this tweak has formed like a tendency to skew the reach and practicality of Grounding. Sometimes in the histories and evolution of our words, it is like a metaphor establishes as a reality, and then in living out the word we are unknowingly attempting the impossible: to live out an illusion.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe this picture in my mind of ‘grounding’ as my feet upon the earth, standing stable, not seeing, realizing or understanding that my body also is the substance of the earth, that my body and my being are one and equal in their physicality, that my grounding is not separate to the Earth, but in and as the stability of my relationship to Me, as a part of Physicality, to how I stand within myself as Me. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stand defined by me as separate from the principle of Life, of what is best for all, as best for me, in which the principle of what I am takes second place; I forgive myself that I have accepted allowed myself to view the Principle as separate from my starting point as Me.

That who we reflects the words that we are living, in how we have defined ourselves within them, in how we have accepted and allowed the words with definitions made by others in our histories, that our actions and decisions and creations in each moment of our lives reflect the words that we have accepted and allowed as who we are and are living out, and therefore for us all the creation of the world in which we live:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the word Creation as if it were a choice between creation or non-creation, when all of my expression is a constant multiple creation, the on-going product of the words I live.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to imagine in my mind and then believe that I am not creating, that I can pause my self expression, not seeing how this belief itself is a creation that erupts from the illusion in my mind that I can pause my own existence. I forgive myself that I have not accepted or allowed myself to see that I must redefine the words I live while I am on the move, using words that I have not yet redefined to support me, using what I have to change the contents of the words that don’t support me.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted or allowed myself to see realise or understand that if I had a single function for myself here on Earth, here in the opportunity of physical reality, that function would be to ground the principle of life in me within the words I live, and so to alter my starting-point and so to through that, alter my creations.



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