Day 462: Lexis

Storm light on the gardens of the farm


The elements of the world
the elements of the earth and wind and sea,
and fire of human passion being and history abound
within each and every word
and overfill these vessels
these crucibles of life

while between our selves, the earth itself,
the wind itself, the sea itself the fire itself
the physical expresses us
emerges from and reaches through our words

while with the forest standing here
as a witness to the depth of time
the rushing of the wind through trees
tells me in the inner quietness of my shelter
of the value of these moments

that breath with which to speak our thoughts
and make them physical,
the sounds that are
our life force and intention both as one
distracted in the alchemy of words
in which our footsteps lose their way
and find themselves again
in those moments of a stillness cherished



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