Day 455: Not of Anything that was Already Here

Ref: First Contact – Free Recording

Speaking as a witness, Vivienne, in the historic recording that opens the Journeys into the Afterlife series – 1 – First Contact – speaks about the first Dimensional witnesses’ reactions on seeing the opening Portal, in trying to understand what just happened: “…this physical form, this manifested point that was here was something that was not of anything that was already here…”

About that phrase “not of anything that was already here”- it reminded me how much our understanding of everything that happens depends upon our ability to relate it to something that’s already here; how much of what we see and know depends upon connecting to our tapestries of past events, and that sometimes an event such as the opening of the Portal shows us how much and to what extent that we rely on that.

For us beings Earth-side something happened here that had no precedent, and being on Earth-side, it had a time and date, a physical location, a physical point in history: we can say that on a certain day in 1998, the Portal opened. And for the first time in our physical history we hear direct accounts of what was being observed of this event from other beings on the other side, from within the other-side dimension.

Something that became clear to me as I listened to this first recording of the series, was to what extent a question suddenly arising in a world that smoothly operated and functioned on the absence of an independent question, first of all gave rise to a wave of fear. This was in the context of submission to the belief that everything was already taken care of and in the hands of higher powers; and yet although amongst the dimensional beings there was a rush of fear, they were also drawn magnetically towards this question erupting in their world, and they dared, in spite of everything that was the foundation of their world, to anyway approach it and look into it: from whence that courage to explore something that was “not of anything that was already here”?

And same for us: to live that courage that is within us; to pause a moment in our tapestry productions, and step back a little from the loom and from our weaving of ourselves as threads that must be always anchored into it: that in truth that panoramic story of our world was ultimately just a story anchored into nothing; it’s grandeur was deceptive, the detail overwhelming, and yet beneath it all a starting-point the same as that belief that reigned in Heaven, that same belief in which we were defined, that belief in which we lost ourselves into a million separations.

Courage: not that courage that is defined in fear, but a courage that’s defined in certainty of self that’s here, that I am here, that in that Isness of myself I can decide for me to pause this tapestry production that I’ve called understanding, and simply listen to and to consider for myself the words being spoken, these words that have no precedent, these words that are describing the outline of a different definition of our being and of our context in and as life here.



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