Day 447: The word Choice

Although I can see it in the logic of my mind that What is Best for All is also Best for me, how can I learn to really live that in the choices and decisions that I make?

What would it be to borrow and to live a moment of Choice as in the Eyes of Life, from the glimpses, from the inklings, to borrow with the intention of learning how to live that choice, how to extend the moment of that choice into the next and so the next, to learn that in that step, at once an opening and a borrowing, for that choice to so become no longer borrowing, but something owned? Perhaps to set up circumstance for intrigue would be best support for us to take the invitation to turn towards our home, to come in from the cold, intrigue as best support for curiosity, for that curiosity to become something owned, and so acted on, rather than to just instead be given something that cannot be directly understood, as something that just glitters with potential but is yet unusable.


Within the compass of the Eqafe recordings there are hundreds of perspectives that could be described as ‘through the Eyes of Life’; they come as gifts and as support for all of us on Earth, from Dimensional beings beyond the confines of this consciousness which we have accepted as everyday reality, they come as news and confirmation of a broader deeper more intimate world than the one we’ve known. The very fact of a new perspective is a waking call. Just a glimpse of what might be seen through the eyes of life, or just an inkling of the gist of what’s being shown is strong support for me; it assists my own endeavor to from that guidance further find my way to be for moments standing in the shoes of Life while at the same time standing in my own reality as an expression of Life. That for me is the value of the Eqafe recordings.


In the principle of Equality and Oneness – Reality – “Who and What I Am as a being, is a living choice.” In the actual reality in which we live, the reality of Equality and Oneness as What is Best for All as Life: that is the Fact, that is what is.


In this post I write about and out of realisations that came up for me in listening to the recent Future of Awareness recordings: Choice in the Eyes of Life, Beyond Choice, and Choice as a Bridge.


Sometimes you might come across a sentence or a statement so incisive that you recognize immediately that it could change your life, that potentially it could blow your mind, rock the foundations of everything you are, and also that potentially realizations stemming from that statement could mark a turning point from out of a routine illusion and into the fact of reality, if put into immediate application. In my reception of an opportunity of such value I would want for others to receive it also. That is what I mean here by recommend. I am kind of pointing to the source of inspiration, even though I know that I can’t point it out directly, in saying, look at this, but saying, look, this is where I got this inspiration, this is where I got an insight and an understanding in how to walk this process out of what exists as consciousness, out of what prevails as everyday reality, and yet makes no sense, and how to steadily walk into awareness as Life.


I realise now that I must have had the assumption that the Dimensionals had somehow had it easy, had just kind of shuffled off their mortal coils and or else somehow just magically walked into a limitless awareness, of looking individually or together through the eyes of life. And yet hearing how it did not work like this at all was practical support for me. That there was no magic in this, that the processes of redefining Choice had been the same for All, whether in environments of consciousness on Earth or in the Dimensions. [In the reality of Equality and Oneness…] “Who and what I am as a being is a living Choice.” Here is literally, a mind-blowing fact, a fact of life that becomes accessible in the process of redefining Choice. Seeing realizing and understanding how the definition of choice that we had lived had also been a choice, a choice to give away directive principle to consciousness, and so from that, accept the authority of the consciousness’s definition of Choice; these are keys to understanding who and what we are and what we have become.




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