Day 443: Opening the word Support

Day 443: Opening the word Support

“…an interesting principal of What’s Best for All: is how would you want to be approached, be taken care of, be in a relationship with something or someone, how would you want to be treated? What’s best for all essentially exists and stands in the principle of, Do unto others, as you’d want done unto yourself. That’s the key practical principle that measures What’s Best for All, because you are in Do unto others as you’d want to done unto you: you are doing what’s best for you, and that is doing what’s best for you – is how you will treat others – and it will come through like for example walking into your work or a place or a moment and even into your day, even waking up in your body. It’s like asking your self how would I want to be greeted by this day, if I were a day? Like imagine the day itself is you, and the day can kind of embrace you in its arms, and you are waking up into it: it’s like asking, What of me do I want to give here, how do I want to experience walking into myself? And that can really awaken you to more of an awareness of how much we tend to accept and allow ourselves to shift into multiple moments of these polarities of positive and negative and neutral where you just need to shift your awareness more into who am I? How am I being received by the day, by others, by the moment, by my own body? It’s like placing yourself more in the shoes of others.” Extract from Reptilians 605


… As this day, as this field, as these beings, as this that is in front of me… listening to Anu in this recording I get a sense of the reality of Oneness and Equality, it becomes almost tangible in his very words, a sense of an awakening awareness opening within my mind, and within and in response to these words also I realise that what exists for me here is the essence of the word Support. Placing myself more in the shoes of others: within this very thought there is expansion, expansion into what, a world in which how I’d want to be taken care of by the world is exactly equal to the nature of my taking care of all and each that is the world. That experience I have with listening to these words is for me an intimation of a world in which Embrace exists like this in multiple dimensions, for all awarenesses, not as an option or a preference, but as a principle of being. That doing unto others as you’d like to be done unto, existing as the same relationship of All to All, creating like a fabric of Support.


How am I to use this intimation, turn it from an inspiration into something practical for me? Placing myself more into the shoes of others is something I can practice more: seeing and understanding that this is truly Best for me as is Best for All gives certainty to the practice of these steps. When I check this in my life I find that those moments of support that really meant something to me, all had these ingredients, these principles; they were moments of actual contact, meeting, recognition, another being standing in my shoes, seeing the world with me for a moment, sharing my position, freeing me up from the constraints of isolation, seeing the strength in me that I myself had up till then refused to see.



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