Day 442: The word Initiative


Day 441: The word Initiative


Sometimes words come up for me in a new light, or else I hear them differently as if for the first time, as if with a renewed supply from their source – from their specific natures – from their specific worlds – suddenly without the dissonance of my personal history and experience – in which I first absorbed it, accepted it, defined it, and so subsequently had been (vaguely) living it, ‘knowing’ it – and within all this, much of the work of the discovery process of Redefining words kind of happened in a moment, and so with this I experience myself in a different way, I expand into and with the word, and my life is different. It is as if I’d heard the word directly, without distraction, and hearing thus, the word becomes a gift, a valuable support.


Living in an age in which the words are opening, the word Initiative has been for me an example of this opening: looking down within myself at the question of who am I within and as this specific word I saw immediately a point of fire, like my own subjective cosmic bang, as in that moment when the universe comes through the needle’s eye, and out of nothingness – and so for me this word Initiative contains like a direct access into the spark of me. I’ve never come across a word like this: a word that in and of itself as the subject of some introspection, would burst so obviously into vigor, into life.


And yet when I ask myself, then what is my Initiative, what else is there anywhere but in myself that I can refer to? Who knows what may be found within this word for others. And yet when I look into my past, I realise that whenever I was advised to deal with a situation by ‘using my initiative’ it was always a comfort to me: I kind of knew that I would come up with something. And so I always knew that I could rely on this. The advice I found most worrying was full of detailed instruction, fraught with well meant warnings of what might happen if I did not follow them. I suppose the best advice I got was like a few pointers and the confidence of my advisor that I would find my way.


And so with this word Initiative, a story then began of things that happened as I walked my daily life with and as this new component, in which I was aware of who I am as this word in the very start of Action, with no reference to anything but to this phenomena of me, this nothingness with this self reliance. My personal story would involve the practical twists and turns of making things, putting things together, solving problems, I felt inspired to try new things.


Initiative: involves Beginning, Action, Purpose, Intention, Direction, and yet all of these expressions flow from that single point of Self. The Initiative of Desteni: so now I hear these words in this new light, a call to each of us to find our way within and through ourselves – and yet not by ourselves – there never has existed such support for us to change ourselves: the support of others sharing how this process to awareness goes for them, the support of the Dimensionals who are also sharing, speaking through the Portal, making the recordings that are Eqafe.


Support for All at Desteni

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