Day 441: Scarcity and Abundance

…This succulent came into bud a couple of weeks ago, and being new to this sub-tropical climate, region, I was fascinated to realise that I had absolutely no idea at all of what form the flower would take, which was exciting in itself; so I watched the buds unfurl, and as it turned out, the flowers were these delicate pink/orange bell like forms. Looking for an image of Abundance, somewhere near at hand, this flowering of this unknown plant struck me as a good example, the Abundance of the natural world.


Day 441: Scarcity and Abundance


Scarcity is an illusion in a reality of Abundance. Many would say, But No, Scarcity is real, just look around at the state of the world, of poverty, of starvation. And yet these problems that we face are really Scarcity accepted and allowed and manufactured, systemized; for sure scarcity exists as the reality that we have together made, the reality that is awarded to it by the money system – because if scarcity can be organized then there is monetary value in it; where Abundance is defined in Wealth, Abundance has been defined and limited by Scarcity, it is not real Abundance, but Abundance as a polarity of Scarcity. In looking at these problems of the world, our very existence here, our ability to question them, to see them, to understand them, to bring solutions to them – where does this ability come from but from but the Abundance that we are, that we live as beings, that we live each day but take for granted?

The word Scarcity: seeing how often this word is present in the background of my mind, I noticed how mischievous it was, stirring up the shit, acting as a catalyst of many a bad feeling, bad experience. When I looked into it I saw how believing that Scarcity is real, when applied to love, there are the conditions for jealousy to form, for competition, hatred, and evil. Believing that Scarcity is real applied to a resource, there is clinging, possessiveness, meanness, secrecy the word has a darkening, withering effect. Believing that Scarcity is real applied to time there is impatience, hurry, then there are justifications of the cutting of such apparent luxuries of care, consideration. Believing that Scarcity is real is the same as living it, becoming it, not seeing how I had invested the reality of me into it, not seeing my responsibility in doing this, that investment of my own reality into it is a moment of standing up in and as it – as the character of scarcity, and as a catalyst of decision, action. Or sometimes not of immediate action but of a catalyst of inner feelings and emotions, such as giving my reality into perceived scarcity of understanding in another’s response, which may then accumulate into blame, and only eventually contribute to a decision, an action. The feeling of the word is like a tightening, a contraction of the middle of my body, as if a caution or a caveat was erupting in the flow of life, there is a catch, a holding of breath: it is similar to fear, it is like fear, it Scares, it is a bringer of fear. In being scared by something, there is accepted and allowed a scarcity of wellbeing, a scarcity of natural courage, a scarcity of groundedness, a scarcity of future…

So in view of all of this, what I have been practicing is, when my dark side rears up, is to look into the current situation and ask myself: how and in what way does the word Scarcity come into this? Is it that I have empowered this word as who I am by giving it my own reality? To what have I applied it? And are there points of Abundance near at hand for me to live instead? Something that I’ve found is that in focusing my mind upon Abundance, it has a releasing quality, a generosity, it comes along as a word that offers me a new alternative that puts my current niggle back into perspective.




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