Day 433: Redefining the word Live (6)

…continuing from previous post:

The Value of Life is Life! And yet if I have defined Life according to the perceived limitation of Death, then Value itself is harnessed and compromised, and limited the same. Increments of something infinite are also infinite, therefore the value of a single moment of Life – is immeasurable – but shifted into minutes and seconds and degrees, it is an increment of limitation shadowed by Death.

If my heart sinks at the prospect of the underlying meanings of Defeat, and the depths of programming that established its existence, then to where might it expand in the realization of the unlimited nature of Value itself, this word that came into existence without condition, without constraints. What sort of difference to my existence could I make for me if I were to purify this word for me, to really take it in to me, to own this word, to thoroughly become this word, to have it in the starting point of me?

So, something new for me, in the process of redefining Live, an experiment: isolating the element of Value in my imagination, and checking in with me throughout the day from time to time the effects of having Value present. Isolate: because the word has always been for me attached to other elements, never just as is. Something that I have found so far is it is very energetic, in the sense of wanting to jump up and do things. Looking at this, I realise how much I have in my complacence of acceptance and allowance also accepted and allowed preprogrammed Value, pre-attached to things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to shift into experiences through feelings, and thence into decisions of doing things and not doing things, where I believe that therefore I must feel a certain way because programs in my mind dictate if Value is attached or not.



Here are some references to current Eqafe recordings that have supported me in these points:

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What Dimensional Beings see of the Physical

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