Day 431: Redefining the word Live (4)

…continuing from previous post

I do not have to feel this way: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I feel this way or that way, then it must be me, must be who I am, rather than seeing, realizing and understanding that these feelings that I entertain are simply programs that I have accepted and allowed, that it remains my choice to participate or not. Therefore, rather than going into disempowerment in the belief that this is who I am, and that I cannot in this moment not be this that I have defined as me, I choose instead to let this feeling, this emotion go, and I choose to understand this programming that I have written into me, and to release the specific points that have made it what it is, I choose to forgive myself first of all that I have compromised my own reality through this belief, and I commit myself to learn about this self that I have neglected through my adherence to it.

Understanding Consciousness means also understanding that Consciousness is not Life: all those programs, memories, systems of energies that we as beings substantiate are not living systems in themselves, while our bodies that support our consciousness are in fact real living aware organic systems. And yet it is through our consciousness that we define the world, through our words, and it is through our definitions of ourselves within our words that we decree the limits of what we are. When it comes to the words Life and Live, what then?

On a Journey to Life then Consciousness might well freak out and ask, Where the Hell are we going? Or else, I ‘know’ where we’re going, I’ll show you the way… that dubious experience of knowing, of being sincere and reasonable I opened up a bit in the previous post… and likewise in the posts before with my beliefs in the reality of Joy as I had defined it… but in redefining words, the practical process of this involves finding, uncovering, and looking into the definitions that we have been living out, existing as, and changing them. How can there be actual knowing in a system that has no inkling of the physical reality? So I continue here, and in support of me, I reaffirm my grounding.

For example as well as in SOUL, I found also in the Reptilian series in Eqafe, a group of interviews going into these points that I am writing out: in The Nature of Words, here is Anu, back in 2013, laying out the groundwork of Redefining and Living words:

“…. When it comes to the mind, consciousness, words do not exist as simply, or only being letters – that you see on paper for example. Like when you write the word Me: here is one of the most complex words as well, for the mind, or consciousness, in terms of what defines ‘Me’. But you know if you write the word Me for yourself, and you have a look at it, you in physical reality would only see the letters, M and E, spelling Me. But in the mind consciousness the word is existent like in a 3 Dimensional structure, and in that structure you have it full with all sorts of… even a lot more different words, emotional and feeling energies, memories, images, pictures – there’s even like conversations looping, that would loop in the word itself, as everything that you had accumulated within and throughout your life that defines this word that is Me….”


… the same with all the words, these multi-dimensional containers, and the nature of their contents. So as I continue into Redefining the word Live, that is part of the word Me, as I have defined it, and so who I perceive myself to be, as ‘living’, I go further into this: what have I accepted and allowed within myself as the content of this word Live? What have I become Content with, in Live, and hence in Life?




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