Day 427: Word-scape and Place

I went to sleep, and then woke up, and now is now. I checked out front, to look at it again: the gravel terrace now in darkness and steady rain, and across the gravel chips, an urn that I had moved, now standing upright. Earlier, while it was evening, I had made a small adjustment to a tilted plant urn, on the terrace edge, significantly to me, that teetered on a crest of rockery. Before the rain and dark set in, I had removed four bricks from behind the shed, and in a barrow, wheeled them to the terrace, and then with a trowel I scraped the gravel back and placed two bricks firmly on the ground, to form the first layer of a stable plinth, for the urn; a small adjustment. It would be distracting to photograph such things; like the before and after shots, because the simple words involved are more the point. For sure you can take a picture of the words involved, and yet they kind of seem submerged and lost in the pictorial (picto-real) experience.

In the previous post, the word Place had kind of come into my awareness, a candidate for redefinition, or at least, expansion, exploration, like a detail of the word-scape, as an article within and as itself, and as an element of a wider integration process going on. Bringing stability to Place, who I am as Place, and words as Places, Place-names, yes words as place names of the places words enclose, the names of their locations. Landscape, Word-scape, sound-scape, mind-scape: scapes of different orders, all as one. Taking physical action within all of these dimensions is stabilizing in itself, and yet I realise how as well I am working with the words, moving through a word-scape, while at the same time taking action in the physical.

Seeing how a thing does not really have a place, or how I might make a place for it to be, in consideration of the situation: these considerations and actions do not come from nowhere – I walked through redefining processes of other words, such as the word Abandoned. When the word Ship-wrecked came up in me as my de-scription in response to seeing a trough – this time – of plants, I recognized my programming and my personal relationship to making/giving of a place for me, in a way, to support me in my dis-location, and so reflections of me within this trough of plants, so I could then apply solutions for the situation in the physical by giving a place for the plant to be, while at the same time start exploring what may be in the word Place for me. In the cases of these plants what was reflected back to me was that in making or giving a place involved in relation to where they stood, bringing in stability and making a foundation.

When I was in my teens and playing with poetry, and formulas of words, and Haiku, I liked to add to letters, accents, little curlicues, or double dots here and there or graves, acutes: they were decorations in a way, but as well with serious intent, it seemed to me that ordinary words could then become exotic, I was attempting to dissolve the fixtures of the ordinary by using words, trying to loosen up the programming. The little accents seemed to me to open up the words to different dimensions, to allow their sounds to have different new harmonics, referring them to imaginary languages and exotic meaning. In ordinariness, a word can be like a train going on a track, and seeing it for a moment placed differently can feel like the train is suddenly swerving off the lines and going elsewhere, though it has not left the tracks, it has passed through a set of points that have been changed. In redefining words there are experiences similar to that swerve, finding different parts, dimensions to oneself, different possibilities of being, new awarenesses of the choices that we have of who we are within and as the words that we’ve been living.




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