Day 425: Reflections

The word Reflection has been present for a while in recent days; something I discovered was how much I enjoy cleaning windows. Glass is such a wonderful substance: so hard like the rock its made of, and so translucent, like a sheet of water, and when the sun shines through, it brings a fresh new clarity to things. Jokingly I called this The Sparkle Principle, perhaps to dignify myself, because in truth I was faintly embarrassed to be cleaning windows all over the place, I mean I don’t usually do such things, perhaps occasionally, but not with such enjoyment, bordering on to fervor, and by now I’ve got round half the building, and there are other buildings to go. This house has got so many windows, and oddly enough, the sun shines into all of them, and now it’s quite a sparkly house, and the rooms seem larger, and it seems as if there is more space in them. Sparkle Principle aside, reflecting on the physical nature of the change, I realized that the difference was that a layer of dust actually diffuses the incoming light, so that removing this the light that comes into the room is direct light rather than diffuse. In support of this, Leila got a special window cleaning cloth that squeaks delightfully when the surface of the glass gets really, well, squeaky clean.

In the photograph, I sit with camera on the porch, looking in: here reflections of the outside and the inside merge, and here the word Reflection lights upon for me analogies of inner world and outer world combined. Here is for me like an image of a new day on the Earth, a day in which the inner world and outer world can be shown to meet without a conflict, without special measures, without diffuse interpretation, but easily, directly.

In Redefining Truth and Lies, reflections here for me also in these words being spoken:

“ …instead of shifting too much between these polarities of truth and lies… that make who you are about Truth and Lies… make it about seeing directly into a total mirror of: Who am I right now, right here? And in that, what am I going to chose to live? That starting-point is what we are busy creating – which is: What is best for me, and best for others? What world what moment, what creation do I want to create and live in, and experience in this moment…”


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