Day 424: The Web of Lies

Day 424: quite a physical time and distance between this day of my journey and the last – in which time I have moved to the Desteni Farm in South Africa.

Being now here on the farm also means that I am able to sit in on the recordings of the Portal, the source of all the Eqafe interviews, the source of all the information and perspectives of the physical dimensional beings who are as one supporting all of us who are in the predicament of a life on Earth, supporting us in learning how to support ourselves in changing the programming that we have accepted in place of what is real.

Here are some reflections on the recent Crucifixion of Jesus interview: A Web of Lies Spun on Polished Threads of Truth: about which the association of the word Web, and the word Lies, evokes almost inevitably this saying:

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive!” – Or not?

Originally a quote from a poem, this phrase has rooted into our language and our minds as proverbial, or as a ‘saying’, a ready-made thought construction, word design, that slips by easily, and sounds so true, has become unquestionable, and so in that sense, part of our unconscious, part of our acceptance of the truth of things.

And yet if you look at how the spider really in fact structures or weaves its matrix of web, it is not tangled at all, it is quite precise and geometrical. Through time and repetition these words have become amalgamated and polished into a saying, a proverb, an experience of truth, but in the reality of the spider’s web, the tangling comes when the fly attempts to extricate itself.

Same with the geometry of our self-deceptions; the structure of the webs we weave is quite precise. If we were weaving tangled webs, then how would we function? Like in writing random programs for ourselves to live: they would not work, they would quickly fall apart. The persistence of our programming and our difficulties to extricate ourselves, attests to this order, to this integration. The stories that we tell ourselves about what happened form a tight geometry; we justify ourselves, support our presentations, we write the story, we pull the threads together, give it finish, make it seem so real, make ourselves look better in the eyes of others, and for ourselves, and sweep those bad things under. And as we practice our stories, so we play the part, believe in it, and so become it.

“ How many moments are remembered as facts, as opposed to, how many moments are remembered as a web of lies, as the words that you lived as yourself at the time? Like – taking an event – that had happened in relationship to someone, but in that moment you were embodying or living the word Grudge, or Resentment, or Anger, or Resistance and Fear. So because of the words you lived in that moment, you were shifted from reality, from fact; what you were seeing, experiencing, how you interpreted the moment can’t be trusted, but yet that’s what you believe to be real, and will till today, polish that moment with your righteousness, your ego, your need to prove yourself in some way, or not wanting to be proved to be wrong, or be seen as bad, or some insecurity to be brought to light in some way or another…. So this is how, essentially, we’ve approached our very own history, our very own past, with webs of lies, polished, that sound plausible, acceptable, or right, that we then just continue living with…“ (Extract from Crucifixion of Jesus – Part 119)

The question asked within this extract goes some way towards redefining the saying about the tangled web: turning it into a question for all of us to ask and answer for ourselves. Questions for ourselves to answer – for ourselves – are the beginnings of a standing up within our own awareness – and the beginnings of our access to our own reality, where instead of thrashing around and becoming more entangled, such as how we live our words, we can instead calmly focus on the physical realities recorded in our memories, and let go of those embodiments of personality that so distort our own perception and perspective of ourselves. Bringing understanding to the workings of consciousness systems has been ongoing with the beings that have been – for more than ten years now – speaking through the Portal: it is through this understanding that we can now be calmly deconstructing our own webs of self deception.


Support for All at Desteni

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