Day 410: Plugging and Unplugging



From The Hereafter 2: “… You need some sort of anchoring; you are getting lost in the matrix of your own reality – like you plug out for moments – but the rest of the time, you plug back in… “

Hmmm. Yes that is how it is for me.

When a point comes up, as a word opens into a new light, or as a construct of belief goes into collapse, or just starts wobbling a bit, there is a flood and flurry of information, new memories recalled, emotional releases, and inklings of realization, and there comes up in me an urgency to sort this out, to redirect and to redefine these things before the window of opportunity is closed again and the reintegration processes of consciousness make new adjustments, new connections, and repairs. In a personal experience of something clear on one day and becoming obscure a few days next and then almost inconceivable the next, here is where the anchorage of writing helps.

And in writing in this circumstance what I find are disconnected fragments from all different dimensions, like relevant examples from everywhere that pertain in someway to these realizations. The As Below and So Above of consciousness gives to realization a panoramic relevance, with relationship lines that are woven intimately both into my personal reality, and in consequence into the systems of the world. The responsibility of that seems massive to my parochial point of view: and reacting to this ‘massive’ tag, I am already accepting and allowing preparations and primings for a judgement on the scraps and fragments that I actually write, seeing them as useless and incomplete, and no use to anyone.

That sharing of my personal journey of standing up from within my version of this exact same shell of consciousness that we all share might be useful to another person is important to me, this runs parallel to my gratitude to so many beings who have shared with me and showed me things about their inner lives, and through which incrementally I have changed, seeing often there is not just only one way to see this thing or that thing, or perhaps there is the take-away of a word or a sentence that resonates within me, well all kinds of things that happen lol.

Awareness of the context of who we are as beings in Existence living out a life on Earth, in the physical dimensions, is a gift I’d surely like to broadcast, and  to strengthen in me. Awareness that my reality is configured and shaped by my relationships to everything is another one. These are not awarenesses that would close the box, as with a belief, but instead would open it, would help to stabilize the welling up of questions.

The question Who Am I to this specific thing, within myself, within my life, within this world, within this moment, with others as myself, is to look at these relationships, to look again at these relationships; Equality and Oneness sounds magnificent and fine but is useless if not applied as a source of measures in a way to all relationships to everything, as a compass or a GPS, in a world in which the compass of mind-consciousness has brought and brings destruction. Our transition now is through a GPS that aligns not with the polarities of the mind-consciousness, but with the principles of Life, and therefore to actual Living here in this moment of reality in and as a physical life on Earth.

Such principles are a kind of anchorage for me, and also in a way a stepping back for a moment, releasing my attention from a tunnel-vision, where I’d somehow got too tracked and lost my self direction.


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