Day 408: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (8)


Day 408: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (8)


Listening to Sunette explain in simple terms for everyone the Essence of Self Creation. in this video from SOUL, Embracing Your Utmost Potential, I feel inspired. It is that inspiration that brings me here to write this, her sharing of the gifts of the path that she has walked, that includes the inspirations of those that have walked and shared before. The transition from Listening to Hearing: there is an inspiration process in those words.


What is Inspiration, what does it consist of, who am I within and as inspiration? From the sample of my experience of this specific video, what can I say about that specific inspiration? For me it is like the realization of something that is at once so deeply personal within me, and at the same time through that, an opening realization of a deeper level, like an insight into beingness that is everywhere in this world of living awareness, so the glimpse of such a thing is also like a glimpse of reality, with that glimpse being kind of like a spark or a touchstone, and kind of ‘fired up’ speaks of this viral nature tendency of the inspiration, of the message it contains. In a moment of access to that Value of Life in me within the inspiration, the word Utmost is carried, supported, empowered, aligned, vitalized. Inspired, to do: the action follows.


So, anyway that is my recommendation to give yourself the time to listen to and to hear Sunette’s Recording. It is free, it is up on youtube, and it is with one click here.


Now, on this journey, that it’s become, with the word Dispute – I make a note of how the word Inspiration has come up in this context, in the process of redefining the word Dispute.


Where I had arrived at was how in the word Explain I could both assist and support myself in deliberately bringing stability to a moment of expression, where I have stepped into this living space, and then disconnected, lost my grounding for a moment, in a reaction to me stepping out.


In painting, and experimenting with paint, I found a personal way of practically living Readiness, in the sense of learning that the first step onto the blank canvas was only that: that I had created a space for me to somehow feel my way into a process of expressions of me that I knew nothing of, relationships to things that I did not know about. And so I learned to just dive into the water, so to speak, in sort of playing about in light-hearted scribbling or doodling (that actually I had practiced quite a bit at school) there existed like the beginnings of a thread, or of a strand that seemed to open up, or a definition of some sort that gradually assembled. Here I am not talking about painting but the relationships that I have made to parts of me unknown to me, where I did create a space in which the explorations of such things was possible. That was the beginning of a process. So yes in the context of redefining the word Dispute, here I see that I have previously made tools, developed techniques and ways of allowing unknown parts of me to emerge.

With an art being simply a skill, all beings are therefore artists, in that perspective: throughout the generations of our lives how we have created and lived and practiced and elaborated skills and so ingrained them into us, and so gathered them together, skills on skills that form a profile of the way that we apply ourselves and recognize ourselves within the application. And yet, as my understanding goes, in incarnation, how such skills come through is not intact, but simply as a point or points of potentiality. Then, in that perspective, beings kind of naturally feel their way in discovery and creation processes to access and embrace these points of potential and so to develop and enhance and strengthen them. As an insight into that tendency of Being, that information is for all, as support of all Being; it has an expansive quality, it is inspirational.


It is from this perspective that I feel comfortable to be writing about my use of paint, an art or skill that I designed for me, to both explore and to make a medium in which things can be found, or discovered. It was as if somewhere in me I connected to a point of certainty that I was capable of such a thing, not only that but inwardly it was of great importance to me, to in a way through my own hands create a space for exploration, and expansion, to within that create a situation where I can abide with the question of, seriously, What the fuck am I doing? While at the same time being stable in myself with that, seeing that ‘knowing what I’m doing’ in this case is kind of not a condition of doing it or not doing it. It was as if I realized how it was necessary for me to create the conditions for an experience of acceptance of expression of aspects of me that I had not seen before, or did not know, and within creating those conditions for my own support, I became stronger in my self.



 continuing next post…





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