Day 393: Coming to Earth, Investigating Matter


Coming to Earth, Investigating Matter: I put it that way, because it seems such a primary task, such a fundamental point, where looking at this word Matter, with it’s different levels of meaning, is reminding us of the multidimensional, existing quietly within us in a seeming of incongruity in meanings, and reminding us as well of how we are accepting of divisions and contradictions in our wholeness. And so ‘Coming to Earth’ written here as a structural support for me to simplify within myself, to clarify, to show myself the common sense in this. This is part of how do I support myself in fundamental change, in stepping into the nothingness projected by my mind.  An Eqafe reference here: discussion of structure: Quantum Systemization: Freedom within Control


It’s a challenge to our awareness to look into how it is that the exact same word Matter could be used in the ways of what matters to us, what the matter is, and the matter of matter itself. We can have fun and games with the nature of our language, and we can also look into the word and ask that maybe there is something that I missed in here, comfortable and all with these partitions, because there is so much more to this, because who I am in Matter, where I would align what matters, is at core, is in the core of me, in the very purpose of my present action out of what is mattering now to me in that I’m doing this, and then what matter comes from that, what matter in the world accumulates from that, all of this relationship as one, as reflected in the word, what it is that I create in actions, and in reactions, and for all of us what has throughout our generations, and our incarnations, created the world.


How for I to integrate with MATTER and to form a new word, and then to live that word? What would be involved? The Atlanteans series now opens up support and process on this, in Practically Defining I Matter.



Practical in I MATTER:

Sounding the words I Matter and getting a reference of where you are at with you




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