Day 390: Calm and Mind Control

Day 390: Calm and Mind Control

Continuing here to walk the word Calm, while at the same time in the context also of listening to and walking with the current Quantum Mind Self Awareness series Who I Am as Control.


Mind Control, as Mind Structure: in redefining words, for example in how a signature of hierarchy becomes attached to, or else submerged into our living of a word, where even through the generations such corruptions have remained unquestioned and so become ingrained. A structure of belief subverts the purpose of the word and spreads into the language, and in so doing, shapes and limits our perception of ourselves and of reality, to the point where hidden blame and open blame becomes established as the base religion of our programmed world, a world of disempowerment, where all we see becomes externalized and surfaced, as the confines of our surface consciousness. A view of the Matrix as the world of words we live in separation.


Personally here, for me working with the words that I have lived, it is a process in which gradually I am seeing through walking words the emotional nature of the reality from which I evolved the words that I’ve been living, as components of my mind, as compliant with the structures in those words, structures that I have accepted and allowed to be there existing in me and as part of me, and so as part of what I resonate, as part of how I define myself within decision in a moment, and so a part of what I did or did not do, as actions and behaviours in the world.


As I look now into how I’d had exist within me a version of Calm as a relative state, defined by boundaries of emotional experience, or as suppression of the awareness of the conflict, where what I had eventually accepted and allowed was a form of blame towards the inner tempest, such as in this moment described before in which in this part of the cycle of procrastination, the point of accumulated neglect of what is here becomes the last minute ‘rushing gale’ of time, sort of at the End of Time, with a ‘fateful’ tone, another layer of blame onto the awareness of my responsibility within the very cause of this, and within and as the very system of this, that within that system for this Calm to exist, to function with this system, it became defined in being braced against any sort of hurry in that moment. Looking into this specific example of how I have used Calm it shows me how there exists in this no essential reference to Calm, no connection through myself and into the essence of Calm, but only calm in this example as my interpretation of a balance energy functioning within and as procrastination that I have accepted and allowed to become established in my mind. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach the word Calm to an experience that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach to Hurry and within that word Hurry, to who I am as fear of loss of time, fear of loss of me in time that is not my own. And so I release Calm from this structure that I have accepted and allowed.



Continuing next post…


Some references to Eqafe interviews in support of walking for Self a redefinition of process of the word Calm:




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