In the zone between the fake news and the news of a fake reality there is an alarm, the definition of who we are in our formation of the word World is stressed, we do not want to see the evidence, or let the questions fall naturally where they may, there is a need to hold away a wider reality, there is dissonance…




What lays at the core of this Endeavour at the same time is also at the very edge that we have come to comprehend and see an outline of, in seeing how we can realign the very words that we have lived to the principles of life, and so ourselves within and as those words as Redefined, where what we choose to live within those words correspond to Life, while what we have chosen to dismantle are the definitions of self within the words that we have accepted and allowed in accordance with energy systems and beliefs. And so we turn to life within the very components of ourselves as the words we live.


With the dawning of a new relationship to word, there comes a point when the very language itself will have to change its paths and contours: the Word is here in itself. Language: makes way for Communication.




What is there to be unfolded as we move in a direction never taken before? In me there comes up an example of a moment when some words are spoken, or written, and I take those words and then later, there is a moment of discovery as I unfold these words within me: it is like I experience myself within and as them. Sometimes it seems as if a fog had cleared, the obfuscations of conflicts contained in certain words, that needed to be first looked at or be faced, or released: there had been a process through those points, and now the words had come up again, cleared of haze, cleared of feeling, cleared of memory, and then, discovery, as a standing up within the unfolding of myself within the unfolding of the word.


That was a point where you could say that the communication process had completed a moment. Sometimes it takes a lot of slowing down for me to be able really to read a simple sentence, or to hear finally what someone said to me, and may be even repeated over and over many times before. It is like I’ve found an angle of me within this word through which I can step into it: and towards it too, embrace it, there was something that I had not seen before about this word, these words together, that enabled me to move, to look around, in a way, release myself from the restraints of the matrix, I mean the matrix of myself as channeled into mind, release myself within those bonds and equations that I had accepted and allowed and adhered to for so long.




We saw that the words we lived had lost connection to physical reality; that designs within them had taken emotional precedence, and so kept the focus on the mind projections – rather than on and in the physical reality. Seeing that functioning through an ongoing experience of words is not life, it is a form of sleep, there is no self direction, there is no time to spend a life with the words any more, as incidental, while unseen they remain in themselves our physical technology with which to deliberately redefine the settings of ourselves in consideration of the principles of life, so of our vocabulary of ourselves that we have never lived, and so without limit, the articulation of life itself.


How will it unfold? What is this unfolding as a self unfolding, or as, let it unfold, and be unfolded, there is a sense of a letting go for the unfolding to happen: it was a line of stress that held it folded. When something unfolds, a whole new dimension is revealed, or that moment of discovery within opening a communication, unwrapping it, the unfolding in it.




… continuing next post …



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