Day 363: Challenge, Exploration, Further, and Nearer


Day 363: Challenge, Exploration, Further, and Nearer


As with the word glimpse, containing in a way that first sighting of a thing, the raw material of it, like the presence of the sea, suddenly revealed, direct, before interpretation processes begin to close it down, and moderate the intensity, and measure out significance, where what was for a moment simply open gradually shuts down and is replaced with simulations; that is how reality is dulled and systemized with processed and preprocessed words.

So many of the words that I have functioned with are words I have not lived, or really even noticed that I have not lived, or realised what I’ve done, that I have willingly dispensed with their Vitality, accepting them according to a world that is only in the corridors of mind, and is a world in which I have not asked myself who I am within it, because within such words conditioned as they are with my experience, there is no place for such a question to exist.

And so like as with the revelation of the glimpse, so also with the word Magnificence; existing in some way for me in pulling off the veils of my reluctance and looking for the first time into a word, and into this word, Challenge. I feel so grateful that during this life here on Earth, that I have lived such moments, that I have not always slept within the words, being channeled through the systems that I myself have accepted and allowed to be installed within them.


So for me here as I gradually redefine myself in Challenge, what I see reflected in the word is an opportunity of Life, an opportunity of movement, an opportunity to test the ground, an opportunity to test the grounding in myself. And specifically in the process of redefining words so as to live them, bringing Challenge back into and as a part of me from all those far-flung worlds of Exploration and Discovery that my childhood me projected in Adventure games.



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