Day 361: Potentialities of Challenge


Day 361: Potentialities of Challenge


Experiencing for myself a quality of Receptivity in Challenge, as in being open to the possibilities of Challenge as being shared, as well as being open to ideas of How-To, there is like a new space, a new potential for me in the word Challenge: seeing in how lifting from the word the definitions and experiences of me as disempowered, and isolated, there is also the possibility of the word Challenge to become as an empowering word.


Such as in the very redefinition of words: it is self-empowering, in having the tools for example, with which to approach a problem and through that to approach a solution. And with words themselves: realizing how a word has been as a problem in some way, not being supportive but instead limiting or compromising, and yet having the tools with which to make adjustments is empowering: embracing the problems of a word, and understanding them, and so having the power to lift the veils within them, and so to see solutions, and to redirect and change.


But not only that, but to find a new way in which here for me to bring this word Challenge deliberately into and as a part of my life, in respect of Challenge, the word, and in respect of me as living it. I mean, I do not want just for Challenge to only not be a problem for me anymore, because I see how in that I would be in a way limiting the potentiality of Challenge itself, and so me within that: what I want is to pay respect to what I see in Challenge as being Magnificent, and in respect of me in that perception of it, to not give up on me in my perceptions, but find the means to practically live this.


And saying this, I have to breathe, and not allow myself to let the word Magnificent be overpowering, with all of it’s heavenly paraphernalia, and within that to not let Extraordinary become Supernatural, but as in having Magnificence remain within the simple Earthly facts of growth and change and breaking out of programs, as for example the magnificence I see within an individual standing up and speaking from the heart of what is real.




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