Day 359: Housework in Moments


Day 359: Housework in Moments


Once again, there is a sense of gratitude with me in establishing more and more the word Diligence as a living part of me – that I can extend from and as this new asset of me in the way of application of New Diligence into further exploration of Drive, and now, further into this word Moment and Momentum.


There is a kind of background process of who I am in fundamental as real, going on within me, such as learning how to stay with me in kind of looking at the word Everything and realizing that I have been seeing it written upside down and backwards and inside out, a kind of experience like that, and through that realizing the unlimited extent that I have accepted and allowed this consciousness to pervade and permeate all I thought was Real, and therefore through the outplay of that belief, in my mind seeing it as being Reliable. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to a floaty feeling in my fingers as I write, by participating in anxiety, and insecurity, where my fingers for a moment shed the trappings of the past as following the routine practices of articulation, and I commit myself to redefine Reliability, with I in Real that is Here that does not depend upon a holographic context image of what is Everything that I have accepted and allowed as a projection of the world ‘out there’, that is Able from this source of me, to reconstruct this world perspective that I have previously accepted and allowed as real.


So, in fundamentals of my living life, in this reconstruction process, I am asked me who I am in Moments, and in Momentum, as in how is this transition from one Moment to another Moment, that who I am in this living moment of me can learn to carry me into another living moment, and so make for neutral movement that could be as Drive something that is real within my life?


So in a way I continue walking Diligence, applied to Moments – in being aware of me that is in a moment as a part of me, seeing that the moments are attended to, and finished in a way, in the way that moving to the next moment is clear. And asking me in deepening thoroughness of Diligence, questions such as: Has this moment been addressed? Is there a completion here? Is this transition from one moment to the next being cleanly done? And so here comes up for me the word Clean in a different light, as Clean movement, as part of the dynamics in a way of the movement from one moment to the next; opening the next in a way that gives opportunity of the next moment to be open and new, and not conditioned by the things that might have been left outstanding.


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