Day 339: Diligence and Intimacy


Day 339: Diligence and Intimacy


Diligence: An image that came to me some time ago like an illustrative reflection of the word was like a memory of seeing across the fields a group of people working: appearing to me like the contrast between these distant figures focused on some specific task and this boundless landscape that surrounded them. What was contained within that illustration that I was showing myself, as in who I was in seeing diligence in such a way – looking at this – I see a kind of strength in being able to focus on specifics despite the massive nature of everything that is going on in all directions – and that within me seeing it thus as me spectating this, I see a kind of longing for that strength, of applying effort and work in such circumstance.

And writing this a memory comes up of an incident in my life in which I was walking through the hills and moors and walked up to a tree, and then closer to the tree inspecting the leaves, and closer still, a fly, resting on a leaf – and the significance to me in that moment was like an experience of intimacy – having physically trekked across these hills, and reached this tree, and entered into this moment with a fly who was resting on a leaf – and the significance was of such intensity that this would be one of those memories that would always be there with me, a memory that was laid down with that intention of: I will remember this moment in my life.

These are elements that I would want to exist for me as who I am in Diligence: that intimacy with the detail that abounds in the moments of my day, that within for example a passing moment that I do not pass that moment on my way to somewhere, that in diligence I support myself in attending to the little things that come up. That in a way I can learn to introduce this boundlessness into my everyday moments where at the same time I learn to let go of the constructs of judgements of significance and impatience so that I can allow myself to focus on what is here in this moment and within that to change my life in a qualitative way towards this intimacy with what is here.  


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have exist within me a sense of longing as who I am within a diligence I see outside of me, and that within that I have accepted and allowed myself as disempowered. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed within that diligence to have denied myself an intimacy with what comes up in my daily life, rather than instead seeing that longing and realizing that who I am within this is longing is but a decision that I am living, and so can change.


Continuing next time…




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