Day 319: The Lost Word



Day 319: The Lost Word


An interesting event along the way in redefining Diligence

It’s funny how I lost the word Increment for a while, I couldn’t find it all, it was on the tip of my tongue – as they say – I thought I’d filed it under C, which did not help. So I write it down here, kind of nailing it down so that I will not lose it again! Increment, I need you! When a word goes missing, there are things that are not possible to be thought, thoughts that depend upon specific words, whole areas that become closed off temporarily while the word is missing. So one comes to this door again, that somehow has no key, and goes away, walks around the building, maybe there is another way in, but into where? And I realise, inspecting the word, now I have it in my grasp again, that there has been a dispute about it going on, an area of consciousness, has kind of tainted it as Trouble, there are personalities at risk while Increment is present, because increment is standing for a different reality a physical alternative to the cult of instantanity, let’s say. A sore point, so cross that things cannot just immediately be! And in that crossness, that soreness, that disputed area, publicity arises, attention is being drawn into what the possibilities of Increment might have to say, like offering a tiny opening into physical reality, rather than the usual panoramic wrappings of the simulations, of the mind life. So, in a way, a little suppression, a little sabotage reaction to this opportunity of Diligence that I am walking in these writings, because Diligence has not been available to me before I took upon myself responsibility within and as it, Diligence has remained like a part of the properties and jurisdictions of the realm of consciousness, useful for the maintenance of the illusion. It’s like whoops there’s been a small redaction here, one of the moving parts of this Diligence has been blacked out.



Continuing next time




NEW Self Creation Insights: SOUL

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The Quantum Mind

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