Day 308: The word: Righteous



Day 308: The word: Righteous


The unnoticed and hence unquestioned cramping and distortion of the scope of words in our life plays a big part in depth of communications in the world, and hence in world conflict, world insanity, world incoherence. Seeing that this is a reflection of the consciousness within me that I have accepted and allowed to stand in compliance and conformity with the consciousness of the mainline of the world, the task is here to open up the nature of the consciousness that is contained within the word, and bring questions to it, strengthening ourselves as we learn to stand within and as the question, the last question in the programmed world: Who Am I in relation to this: and what have I accepted and allowed myself to be within this?


So many words I gathered up and absorbed and accepted into me as I walked the gridlines, as it were, without a critical perspective, and then went forward into life using these words that I had gathered up as tools of my reality, as found within me, in ‘making do’ with who I found myself to be within them, as part of them, and using them within me in constructions of reasonings, not realising how in any way that in accepting and allowing the limitation of my first experiences of words within my understanding, how I had accepted and allowed a limitation to the scope of my understanding of myself, and within that understanding, keys to access self direction and deliberate self change.



This word: Righteous. My first experiences of the word righteous as I began to recognise it in my life was in the context of religion, where ‘righteousness’ describes an inner and an outer ‘walking with’ acceptance of a scripture, of a way to be, that is good and right. So considering the provenance of the word ‘righteous’ in my life, what then of it, if I do not accept the scripture any longer, do not accept the values of ‘good’ and ‘right’, having seen that they do not extend into physical reality, do not accept the mind construct of a hierarchical reality, what then of ‘righteous’? It is not that it ceases to exist within me, applied, subsisting only in the world unfolded by the scripture, having no application, because there is the underlying religion of myself, in which experience of myself as ‘righteous’ is as a proclamation of who I am in ‘walking with’ acceptance of the scriptures of my personalities, self images, self programs. And there is an accumulated positive energy experience that I have connected to this self assured self proved self integrity.


An illustrated book that I had accepted and allowed to exist within the word righteousness: Images entitled: ‘Fire and Brimstone’, ‘Divine Wrath’, ‘Piousness’, people on raised platforms, pointing at things, the religious ego acting out assumptions of superiority and authority, and written into this, examples of righteousness defined as a willingness to emulate the laws and sayings of the Scriptures, to stand within and as these sayings of ‘How to Live’, sayings of the ultimate reward in tenacity of faith and belief. That standing ‘right’ within the laws of God, one stands in righteousness. So, also, seeing a person acting out on images of self as more important, superior within being right, teaching or preaching or pontificating – there I believe that what I am seeing happening in my perception correlates to these images in my mind that I have labeled, ‘righteousness’. Writing out some of the content of this word as I have allowed it to exist within me, I realise that within the religious context of how I had absorbed the word, I had also taken into me ‘self-righteousness’ as a ‘sin’, and within that, elaborate pre-established justifications of judgement. There was no example of a word within my mind that expressed a relationship of alignment to myself and to the world and reality with it and as it, only this word righteous, based on this religious mind value of ‘right’, having been defined within belief. I can see that looking into me and finding no experience of ‘righteousness’ (as such) going on within me, how then I might have believed it.


I am seeing that I have accorded a negative value to self righteousness. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge self righteousness as something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, that in seeing self righteousness within me that I have thus accepted and allowed myself to veil it from me with this reference to myself at core within it as being bad or wrong, and that I have accepted and allowed myself to project, blame, and judge others in my world in being ‘self righteous’, as less than who I am.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed for all of this to become systemized as a pattern within me, so much so that I have accepted and allowed such statements as: “I have overcome self-righteousness”, or “I have transcended that.” While all the time not seeing how in all the many ways that I cling to my personal systems, and within myself insist upon the integrity of what I have accepted and allowed, and so I see that as an expression of that insistence I have in no way overcome or transcended self righteousness.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach this bad judgement definition of myself in self righteousness; I see and realise and understand how through this that I have within this accessed a shame of me as bad, and that I have accepted and allowed this reaction to myself to distract me from looking at what systems, structures or designs that I am standing in defense of here, and so direct myself to question such defense, and so move myself towards solution. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in shame as a reaction on seeing myself in a memory acting or speaking in self-righteousness.


Thus looking into who I am within accepting the scripture of the backchat, believing that I have overcome, or transcended self righteousness – to learn from this that I can choose to instead of ‘overcome’ or ‘transcend’, to embrace myself within this, that instead of seeing and reacting to evidence of my identity as bad or wrong, I simply look at evidence of what it is that I am showing myself.


I forgive myself that I have not accepted or allowed myself to see that ‘self righteousness is bad’ is also an expression of self-righteousness that I have taken into judgement, intrinsic to the judgement, that I am personifying judgment in my inner world, standing on a platform of self righteousness that is an energetic experience of myself in standing integrated as an image of myself within my mind.



(Eqafe refs: Redefining Integrity: Reptilians 170, 171 )



Here are the instructions to the process of accessing our life-force, our beingness, our physical bodies and walking through the mind and consciousness.

EQAFE: ‘The Crucifixion of Jesus’, has been a great support to me because hear within these interviews, presented through the Portal, the actual teachings of Jesus, rather than the ones that were to be, after his death, tweaked and twisted into the four approved versions of his life as the Gospels. How the political message of Equality and the reality of Equality and Oneness were skewed into a religious mantra so as to suit the interests of the system.

The Quantum Mind

This series is for a serious student that cares about LIFE and endeavour to understand how creation functions in fact and in specific detail.

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