Day 286: Communication Errors 8: The Word


Day 286: Communication Errors 8: The Word


The understanding of the ways of the physical world involve the applicability of our words. The application of who I am directly in the physical world requires that my words are clear, that I can actually live them. When words become loaded with charge, accumulating the memories and references to experience, and relationships to those memories, then the meaning of the words become distorted, and the more that they are charged, the less the reference to the physical, and the application of who I am directly in the physical world becomes obstructed. Clearing each of those obstructions are points of change. Change of the meaning of who I am within and as the words that I decide to actually live. Such is the Journey.


As I have shown myself in recent posts, the word ‘Authority’ as it has existed in my mind, has through my acceptance and allowance been crammed with relationships of blame and also hatred and contempt – really whole complexes of energy into which my power has been given away, in which my responsibility has been denied, instances of spite and of retaliation, instances in which I have accepted and allowed my disempowerment.


When first I heard of self-authority I thought in my mind, ah that would be a good idea, common sense, and for a moment I could imagine it as done: what I did not do was ask myself, Okay How am I to practically do this? What is it that I live in my current life as ‘authority’, and How am I to change my living in this word?


It’s interesting how I kind of glossed it over in my mind, sort of trying it on, this ‘self-authority’, as if there were no practical issues, such as when I looked upon myself in and as authority that I went into self-contempt, went into judgements as attacks upon myself, and then reacting to the judgements, blaming them. I can see now how a system of personality shaped and formed within retaliation and avoidance of authority, both within and without, might easily become accustomed and conditioned to skating over that, seeking for the positivity of being ‘free’ to do so, not seeing realizing and understanding that the ‘freedom’ had been defined within retaliation to authority, and within all of that seeing this ‘self-authority’ through tinted glasses, that is bathed in a positive light in the imagination, a positivity extended from this ‘freedom’.


It is supportive for me to summarize what I am doing here;

So more into the practical ‘How’ of this next time…




Here are the instructions to the process of accessing our life-force, our beingness, our physical bodies and walking through the mind and consciousness.

EQAFE: ‘The Crucifixion of Jesus’, has been a great support to me because hear within these interviews, presented through the Portal, the actual teachings of Jesus, rather than the ones that were to be, after his death, tweaked and twisted into the four approved versions of his life as the Gospels. How the political message of Equality and the reality of Equality and Oneness were skewed into a religious mantra so as to suit the interests of the system.

The Quantum Mind

This series is for a serious student that cares about LIFE and endeavour to understand how creation functions in fact and in specific detail.

The FREE DIP LITE Course available to All – simply sign up and start- This is a powerful free introduction to real self-exploration, and self realisation using the Desteni tools, with online support. This really is an opportunity of a life time.


Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation • • See: The Equal Life Foundation Bill of RightsLiving Income Guaranteed: The Proposal

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