Day 231: Freedom

Human Rights and the Equal Life Foundation  •  • 

See: The Equal Life Foundation Bill of Rights

Living Income Guaranteed: The Proposal



Day 231: Freedom

 Freedom is that there is but One Way to Go

“We are now within the physical reality existence where every detail minutest tiniest smallest part of ourselves is fragmented into everything that is here as this physical existence, and now we are in a living manifestation of our absolute utmost separation, so with being within that total separation from ourselves as reaching the complete and total bottom darkest deepest pit that we can find ourselves in within existence. There is only one way to go now, which is walking ourselves back to ourselves, in bringing everything of ourselves back to ourselves, and returning our selves to our selves. And we have got our entire map which is our minds and this physical existence – its all manifested into individual parts, individual manifestations, individual experiences, individual expressions – all we have to do is take ourselves part by part to ourselves back to ourselves within ourselves.”

Extract from The Atlanteans 14 Establishing Individuality

 How can our reality described in these words be apprehended and realised while all the words are defined and charged as energy by our consciousness interpretations – because these words – from the Portal interview – are not referring to the world mind consciousness illusion, the everyday energy awareness reality – the words refer to the actual physical reality that is here in Equality and Oneness. Reacting to these words one would define themselves in energy, and then be unable to grasp the actual facts presented, the simple facts of ourselves here in separation from the one and equal in and as the physical – where reactions such as judging the contents, defining them as something, and within that dismissing or replacing them with replicas as knowledge and information, making relationships of comparison, activating feelings, all movements of the energy, movements of defined and networked system energy, and all of it in relationship to this I defined in energy, valued in terms of energy, defined in separation from this physical reality. That is how the mind is like a map – we have to walk our definitions of ourselves, in self forgiveness give ourselves back to ourselves, walk ourselves out of the energy awareness reality in which we have accepted and allowed for ourselves to become defined.

I commit myself to as and when the word freedom arises, to stop and breathe, I stay with myself here in the physical, I cross reference within me for connections that I have accepted and allowed, the definitions that I have made of me in separation as energy, because I see and realise and understand that the only freedom is in realizing what I have accepted and allowed, and how I did it, and walking out of it. I commit myself to align my actions in and as this word freedom as a tributary of this purpose for all, as what is best for all. 


Creation’s Journey to Life : Day 529: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything – Part 3

Heaven’s Journey to Life:  From Responding/Reacting to the Mind to Response-ability/Direction in Reality (part2): Day 478



Here are the instructions to the process of accessing our life-force, our beingness, our physical bodies and walking through the mind and consciousness.

EQAFE: ‘The Crucifixion of Jesus’, has been a great support to me because hear within these interviews, presented through the Portal, the actual teachings of Jesus, rather than the ones that were to be, after his death, tweaked and twisted into the four approved versions of his life as the Gospels. How the political message of Equality and the reality of Equality and Oneness were skewed into a religious mantra so as to suit the interests of the system.

The Quantum Mind

This series is for a serious student that cares about LIFE and endeavour to understand how creation functions in fact and in specific detail.

The FREE DIP LITE Course available to All  – simply sign up and start- This is a powerful free introduction to real self-exploration, and self realisation using the Desteni tools, with online support. This really is an opportunity of a life time.



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