Day 221: Investigating Judgement


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Day 221: Investigating Judgement


Moving further into this point of judgement – today again I go into a participation in a momentary imagination developed out of a recent memory, from like only a few minutes previously, in which I suddenly am looking at the image of an other being that I have just been interacting with, and what I am looking at in my mind is a judgement of my expression – it is more or less the same construct going round and round, it’s like I replay the tape more slowly, and essentially I am presenting to myself a ‘terse’ criticism of my behaviour, not from a point of responsibility, but from a point of blame. It’s interesting how I choose to accept the thought ‘this is a judgement’, in which I define myself as victimized by gossip, either internally or externally, no difference from this perspective, whether I am blaming the patterns that I have created and live, or blaming the projections, or blaming actual beings in my external reality, in each of these situations I stand upright as a system empowered by the illusion of being a righteous victim. Here the simple finite thought of ‘being judged’ has now served its purpose, I have gone into reaction and energy production for the fuelling of my mind, and so I do not investigate this thought, do not open it up, do not ask myself who I am in myself in this situation of looking on this thought, this image in my mind, this memory, or this projection – instead what I have done is to make a relationship with it, and with that define myself according to what it is I see before me.

So investigating this, this real, or this imagined judgement of my expression. When I look at this I can see that I have chosen to interpret a point of assistance and support in a negative way, as a judgement – in fact I am reacting to my own self assistance and support. I mean maybe I could consider that there is something that I do habitually in my expression of myself, in which I am not aware, not breathing, or for example go into distraction and not being here? Could it be that all the time I blame the messenger of such points, rather than to see them clearly and consider them from a point of stability. Hence as a point of self correction, I can see that rather accepting and allowing myself to react to judgements, as in for example, feeling them arise within me, and then telling them to fuck off, where within this I am kind of saying I recognize this what is arriving within me as a judgement and I will not accept the disempowerment/experience/reaction that is ‘bound’ to follow, so therefore, thought, get lost – instead I say now come back here, let me see this, let me see what it is that is contained in this, because I see and realise that I am not compelled to be defined by this, I can realign the programming within it, and stand equal to it, neither less than it as victim to it, nor more than it as judge of it. I can in fact return a part of me to me through this that has been as energy in separation.



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