Day 210: Prospecting for Money


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Day 210: Prospecting for Money

Making prospects. Prospecting for money – this is about moving myself in such a way so as to organize my receiving of some money, so that I can use this money to buy some food, pay some bills, continue to have a roof over my head, and for more prospecting for money, which also costs money. So this prospecting activity is about making deliberate connections into the money system in which I live, and depend upon for my physical living to continue. The reality is that when there is hardly any food, it becomes difficult to move and to work with physical energy, the body becomes depleted, and prospecting for money itself becomes practically difficult.

And so, the practicality – I print out words for advertising – my name and number for direct connection, along with skills and specific services, and place these words where people can see them – in local publications, and in shop windows, flyers to go through letter boxes, footwork, walking, talking. Into conversation I place the statements of my quest for work – in all of this there is hope of a result, a hope that feeding information into the grape-vines of my local world will bring about a meeting or an enquiry of some sort.

And so a job comes up; my function here is to be as a mediator in a way between the idea of a loft conversion and the physical reality of the actual house. In exchange for some money, I am to provide some evidence of how practically a flooring system can be fitted safely into the roof space of the house. In order to provide this evidence, what I do physically, from the top of a step ladder and using a spirit level, is to draw a single level pencil line across the surface of the plaster all around the walls of each upstairs room – from this horizontal line all measurements up into the loft space can then be made and then compared. From these measurements, the relationships between the heights of wall plates for example can be quantified exactly. The actual measured spans of future joists will determine their cross-sections and sizes. From all this information, a design for the flooring platform can then be practically costed and designed.

That horizontal line of levelness brought the whole structure of the house into a workable perspective. I was glad to assist and support in a decision making process. This took about four hours, more than twice as long as expected.

So that was how I got some money on this day. And a spin off from doing this – another job, in which I am to replace a door-frame and repair a door. I have always enjoyed making things, though I realise now that I have paid little attention in my life to actually making prospects for myself, much less in making prospects for others and with others in the wider world.



The ‘spirit’ level is an interesting tool, you kind of have to move the tool itself, while relatively the bubble stays where it is, and then when the tool is positioned correctly around the bubble, then the straight edge of the tool is ‘level’. The relative ‘positioning’ of the bubble is according to the laws of physics, floating ‘upwards’ in the liquid in which it is contained; so that when neither end of the tool is further ‘up’ (or away from the centre of the planet) than the other, then the bubble remains stable between the two ends of the tool. It’s kind of ‘obvious’, or totally accepted, that when water settles into stability, that the surface plane, in small areas at least, is ‘level’. This level itself is defined by the stability of the gravitational field of the earth, which in turn is stabilized by the gravitational field of the surrounding universe.

Using level planes in combination with the L shaped right angle tool, produces the vertical ‘plumb line’, which is a line, as a weight on the end of a string, that points directly to the centre of the Earth.

These two lines, the vertical ‘plumb’, and the horizontal ‘level’ form the basic principles of the structure of buildings, reflecting the angles of maximum stability. There is a third factor in the stabilization of these two lines, which is the factor of ‘triangulation’. This triangulation is based on the geometrical property of the triangular form, which is rigidity. While a square or a rectangle can easily flop one way or the other into a parallelogram, and the lengths of the sides remain constant, a triangle cannot move like this. Hence triangulated struts give rigidity to building structures.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in times past within such considerations of my work and tools within the fabric of physical reality, put down and written into me layers of self definitions in my mind and body within polarities between the ‘cosmic’ and the ‘mundane’, that in seeing and realizing some form of ‘cosmic’ significance in the tools that I am using on a ‘mundane’ physical job of work, and projected myself into symbolic levels of sacred geometry and superimposed this ‘cosmic’ with a spiritualization and mystery of imagination, and then accepted and allowed myself to generate a ‘special’ energy from this within and as a personality of ‘specialness’, in which I have deliberately polarized myself into consciousness away from and above the physical equality of who I am.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define and negatively judge the Earth, and hence the substance of myself, within my definition of ‘mundane’, as inferior to ‘cosmic’, as a lesser, and crude, as a gross manifestation of existence, in which polarity I have accepted and allowed myself as energy to seek a moreness experience of myself as standing in this world, not of the world, but from the standpoint of the mind within and as an idea of ‘eternity’, above the world, beyond the world, as a projection of being from some other place.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as less than others and for defining myself within and as inferiority in which I have enslaved myself to live in fear of experiencing myself as a measurement of my mind, and for not allowing myself to realise that in believing in such thoughts and definitions of myself that I have in fact chosen to believe in and to make real the illusions of my imagination over and above the actual reality of who I am in this physical existence.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to postpone going out to find some work and hence get some money, choosing instead to live within an experience of hope that something may possibly ‘turn up’, or come to me, until the last moment almost when I realise that if I do not move myself then nothing will happen except the consequences of not having money, which is to jeopardize my ability to support my basic physical requirements to stay physically healthy and alive.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to look at my actual relationship to money. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see realise and understand in how I stand within this, as postponement to move myself to get some money. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist in a life of ‘sailing close to the wind’, in other words, living close to the reality of a prospect in which the boat capsizes – and to realise that this has been my relationship to the money system of the world, and it has been a relationship based on my own self interest, as a belief in who I am as an energy system of consciousness, as a brainwashed entity, dwelling in constructs of hope and self righteousness, within the mind and imagination, as an ‘artist’ or an ‘artisan’, with a finger up to the world system of money, and a finger up to my own responsibility as a part of this. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed this relationship to exist, to stand by in separation from my self while the consequence of who I am as this has accumulated and rolled and washed me up as it were upon some shore, to face the reality of this reality being what I have accepted and allowed.


I commit myself to stabilize my own reality within making prospects for myself in getting regular work and receiving money. I commit myself to the work of not only making prospects for myself to the work of making prospects for all in the world, prospects based on the fundamental human rights as defined by The Equal Life Foundation, prospects in the practical design and implementation of an Equal Money System, that reflects these rights, an economic system for all people in equality that is based on the value of Life.




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