Day 208: ‘Perfection’

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Day 208: ‘Perfection’


I have defined this post before actually writing it out. I have realised that there is this point present about how I have defined this word ‘perfection’ as a working part of my life/energy experience, and how I have attached to it elements of ‘disdain’ as negative judgements, and so within this utilized ‘perfection’ as a station of self-righteousness in which I stand as superiority. I have realized how in retaliation towards ‘perfection’ that I have used the word and received the word as tagged with a ‘problem’ an unresolved conflict, one that I have protected and sustained, this would be the nature of a kind of ‘reserve’ as a ‘covered’ objection somewhere in the ‘back’ of my mind, like a ‘yes, but…’ in which I have accepted and allowed myself to brush over the point, and leave it to one side, so as to walk with ‘perfection’ into a future in which I am not actually present in actuality, but only in theory. Within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify my positive experience of myself as ‘generous’, an aspect of this ‘superiority’, in overlooking my ‘personal’ objections and discomfort and hidden self-glory within and as my relationship to the word ‘perfection’.

As usual, opening up a point, it opens up a massive underworld of pre-established ramification and infrastructure of acceptance and allowance. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist on the superficial levels of a magical reality in which this object before me just happens to be here instantaneously in this moment as a part of this corporate consumer spiritualization religion in which there is no history, where objects have been sanitized and wiped clean of blood and tears of slaves, in which buying into this I have accepted and allowed myself as a working part of a money machine in exchange for a positively charged thrill of energy experience to entertain me in my upper echelon of slavery.

This is an aspect of the word ‘perfection’, as a part of consciousness, in which I have accepted and allowed the same relationship to words as objects in my reality, in which they are just present, magically, unquestioned, apparently without my finger prints and my responsibility, in which I have stood as separate from them, overlooking them, so as to get the thrill of energy. In this case, with the word ‘perfection’, the hidden contents are the personalized thrills of superiority and retaliation and small-print riders and disclaimers and exclusions, and hidden reservations in imaginary elitist samples of heaven in my mind consciousness existence in which I have accepted and allowed myself to over-ride the actuality of who I am.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define ‘perfection’ in my mind in such a way that undermines my stand for world equality, my response ability to stand for the ‘perfection’ of humanity to stand upon this Earth in realization of our responsibility as life itself as the custodians of life on Earth for all beings here, united in the single purpose of organizing this existence in alignment with what is best for all, and in so doing, creating a physical actuality of Heaven on Earth.


I commit myself to root out the programs that I have accepted and allowed and written in the word ‘perfection’ through which I have accepted and allowed myself to give and to receive the word ‘perfection’ as a component of an energy reality of inevitable failure, and beingness in the world as not good enough.


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