Day 129: Mystery and Imagination




It’s like the ways that I have used throughout my life to describe this experience of myself, have become redundant because I realize that this experience to which I have referred is not in fact me directly but who I am as various characters and interpretations through this quantum mind. But after all it is through thoughts and words and imaginings and interpretations that I have come to understand this situation that I am, that I have always been in, and through them also that I have understood there to be way to deconstruct these systems of energy that I have lived according to belief that this is who I am. All of the Desteni Material has come to me in words and sentences that have been therefore like a constant and continuous path between the Quantum Mind towards the Physical.




This energy that I have seen myself in and as, imagination; I am learning now to turn it off, when I am not using it for practical purposes. I had not realized to how much of an extent that I had used it to bolster up within myself a positive experience of superiority and power, as myself as if I were a godlike being above my own reality, and therefore as a facility to reconfirm my own existence within and as the quantum mind, and I had never asked myself why was it, what did I believe about myself that made it so that I had this desire to experience myself thus.




Practicing and developing the imagination has been a deliberate act throughout my life. I have seen it as a method of discovery and of invention and of investigation, exploration, and as a tool to support deception, and I have practiced in my mind to let my imagination run free, to see what may emerge, practicing to break down limitations on it’s bounds. Believing in this experience of myself as separation, I have seen these acts as secret and as harmless, so that I have accepted and allowed imagination to run rife regardless of consequence or of considerations of responsibility. Letting myself imagine the most horrible and destructive consequences for example, simply because I could, I was unaware of how within this I was feeding my delusions of superiority and power, and I was unaware also of the manipulative power that I had gifted to my energetic characters to run this system for me.




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to cultivate the imaginational dimension of my mind to facilitate my own self interest in being as superior and in control and god like as the creator of realities exultant in a world of multiple realities, and ‘mysteries’ as the never ending source of energy to feed myself within my secret mind.




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see and realize and understand that these mysteries as my source of energy have been my belief in who I am self suppressed in unawareness as negative judgments of myself as life, as characters of powerlessness and of victimization.




I commit myself to equalize myself within and as this whole dimension of my mind, to no longer let this dimension be an easy domain for my characters to assert and to exert themselves through and to manipulate myself within and as.




I commit myself to stop this imagination dimension that I have cultivated through my life to run on automatically.




I commit myself to stop this automatic nature of my imagination by staying with myself as breath and to train myself within my breath to walk at the pace of the physical so that when and as I see imaginations activate, I stop immediately, realizing that what I am actually doing is seeking out a positive experience of myself in hope of an idea of superiority and power, and realizing this to be an aspect of the energy game in which I participate, I look towards the negative from which I seek escape and I equalize myself in that also through self forgiveness and self correction to longer be as energy in my relationships but to be as one and equal to myself in all ways.






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