Day 84: Changing Pace


Simply, physically I am here. Breathing. Fear of writing out what is actually going on. It is like there is this feeling of vulnerability to possession, an idea that if I even talk about what is going on in my mind, then I will become immediately and unknowingly possessed by some character that I have suddenly made up, as a matter of course, as I step into this belief of who I am, and then this character will describe the situation for me, but I will be unaware of that because of this belief. But I am still here, and breathing. I had to go back amongst the words I wrote so far just to check that there were none that might have caused a subtle shift. I do not accept this fear of writing what is here. But today I do direct myself to write with caution. And also I direct me to slow down and in doing so to make more space. In charging along I have become charged and this has not been self-supportive. I have many characters to unpack and to release. And I realize that I can so easily create far more, so hence the caution. And the chosen words. I have a tendency to choose words that are kind of inflammatory. Realizing this I then go on to realize that it is an aspect of my energy addiction in which I accept and allow myself to become distracted by the intensity of the picture that I make with words and then a character springs up and I run with that.




Today I read through these on Experience Characters

A Really clear and supportive walk through from Earth’s Journey to Life Blogs

Thanks Esteni

Experience Characters

Experience Characters Self Forgiveness Statements

Experience Characters Self Commitment Statements





Changing the Character of the World

 It is my Opinion

4 Count Breath as Emergency Tool of Self-Support

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