Day 60: Crow-calls


I enter the first day of my sixtieth year on Earth writing Day 60 of this Journey to Life blog. Through the open door come through the sounds of the world, jack- hammers amongst the swirl of traffic, aircraft engines, playground echoes, and a crow calls five times to his mates. And yet there is no number five in physical reality, but only in this parallel illusion of this illness of the mind. I see the melted clock of Dali’s painted world become the actual melted clock amongst the fragments of Hiroshima. I hear the crow-call of my living life and I see my mind connect in countings of numbers, and I dismiss temptation to make of number sets some special meaningful coincidence within my mind that is not life. Today the Earth turned round again. It’s morning here as night falls on a world of pain.


I commit myself to breathing here, responsible for breath, to walk through self-forgiveness of these relationships of spite as blame which are the contracts of each and every rejection of my self responsibility made real and given to my mind to act for me and all as me. I continue to take this consciousness to turn around with me and face the dark of who I am as life.





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