Day 52: Railway Tracks 3


Bringing it Here


I am still opening up this same point about how I show myself, such as in this dream, the consequence of what I have accepted and allowed myself to be, and how I have reacted with fear towards it.

There’s a point about the relationship of fear I’ve made towards this consequence I see before me, which is that I am in denial of something that I know inside myself to be so, what I am doing is choosing fear or anything at all but see my own awareness of myself.

Within this there’s another fear, a much bigger one this time, that if I see and realize my own awareness of myself, then I will have to act because here is my responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed myself to be.


I see and realize another point as well, that in interpreting this image that came up, I have made of it a no-escape design, in which I justify a future resignation. While what I am fearing most of all is seeing my self awareness in which there’s really no escape from my responsibility of what I have accepted and allowed myself to be.


And then another fear, and this one’s vast and spreads far and wide, that the consequence I show myself is not limited to pictures thoughts or dreams, not limited at all in fact, but everywhere.






Yes Adam, SO…



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