Day 46: God So Loved the World that, What?

According to this story, (John 3:16) classed as ‘scripture’ accepted as a special kind of writing, handed down and down through generations and slipped beneath our common sense, and held as ‘sacrosanct’, which means, no need to question, or interfere in any way.

God So Loved the World that, What? That he killed his ‘beloved’ son, in whom he was at one point ‘so well pleased’ (Matthew 3:17), that everybody saw a dove, and heard a voice, and God was apparently so happy.

That what? That he killed his son by slow torture and in the most painful way that was possible, according to the experts of the day. And they called that day ‘good’ Friday, getting sad and solemn, that he had to go, because it had to be as it was written.

And why it was so ‘Good’ had to be served up quick, the reason was like this, that so that anyone who ‘believes in him’ shall not perish but have ‘everlasting life’.

If we are to accept this definition of Love, then what is being stated is that in extreme cases of Love, that the abuse of beings including murder and violence towards even one’s own offspring is acceptable, that crimes of ‘passion’ can be justified, because ‘Love’ is sacrosanct, and ‘God is Love’ is stood behind it all.

Where’s the common sense in this? That if you ‘believe’ in something in your mind, then you will suddenly for some reason live forever? How does that work?

In this physical reality, in this life on earth, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ was the practical application of Love that was the essence of the message of Jesus. This is the message of Equality. It is not a message as in ‘that’s a ‘good’ idea’; what Jesus was expressing in these words was the principle of Life itself. No need for a bible here; if we simply look at our existence in this world and how it all depends upon our living flesh and the life of nature systems and how throughout it all these systems of life can only continue to exist in oneness and equality, as the working principle of their design, that every cell serves every cell, so that all parts equally get nourishment, that all depends on all for an ecology to function in the world.

How far have we strayed from Life, in following these thoughts of Love and God, and believing in our minds about beliefs, is evident as well, a world that is on the brink of devastation, a world of inequality, of abuse, a world of war and spite and systematic famine.

How to practically apply alignment of ourselves with Life, and walk with and as Life, and walk out of this idea of life which is what we have become, this is what we walk with Desteni. The tools are here for each of us to change humanity.


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