Day 4. Listening to the Eqafe Interviews

This is what I have been doing.

How to absorb and assimilate the massive influx of information that is coming to us through the channel of the Eqafe site?

I listen to interviews, I write things down, specially the points which stand out, the ones which I can actually ‘take on board’ into my process now. I am beginning to realize that I will have to be more practical and efficient in organizing these notes on different interviews and different series, so that I can cross reference them more easily, and find my way back to that statement which went over my head a couple of weeks ago for example.

Also, there is something more direct than just listening to words involved here. I find a new kind of stability in my breath. The pace, the presence, the tone, the stability, the constancy are all as direct communications. I feel as if I am being addressed both personally and as humanity at the same time.

There are elements of fascination and curiosity in my listening, and enjoyment of hearing the words of beings saying things that have never been heard before. I feel honoured. These unfolding perspectives of Existence that are being presented have me enthralled. But the purpose for me in line with the purpose of these beings, as well as all of the Desteni material is to be of assistance and support to human beings on Earth, so that we may see realize and understand the actual nature of this beingness of who we are, of who I am, so that we can prepare ourself clearly in this process of becoming one and equal to the responsibility of this beingness within the context of this actual reality of our home in this physical world, rather than within a separate reality as separations as a design of the mind, the design that is dominating our world and is in the process of destroying it. To see realize and understand how I came to be the way that I am, so that I can practically change and make sure this never happens again, and so that I too can be in a position to be of assistance and support to others, so that all of us in this process can actually change ourselves and change this world to what is best for all, FOREVER.

Finding out how it is that I have accepted and allowed restrictions to my expansion as life into the physical as constructions of fear and belief about my own self interest and survival as an energetic system of consciousness, I can take responsibility for my own resistances, knowing their function, their reason and their purpose.

As for the multi-dimensional nature of the material itself; rather than allowing myself as this personality of the mind to attempt to jump a million steps at once in quantum time and form this overwhelmingness of fragments of information as memories adrift in my conscious mind which leave no possibility of practical application, I can only approach it breath by breath, and step by step, and moment by moment.

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